A true believer who worships Allah and has reached the highest level of faith will only fear Allah and then his own sins. Because they realised that everyone, from the first man, Hazrat Adam A.S., to all the creatures on earth and in the sky, including angels, animals, insects, and birds, is busy worshipping the same God. He has always been there; He made the Heavens and the sky, and He has never met anyone. But He SWT gives people the ability to think and realise that their Lord is one, but if they make someone else His partner (may Allah forgive us), He will never forgive them. Umrah is the best way to strengthen your relationship with Almighty Allah. You can perform the Umrah after booking the Cheap umrah package. When someone gets to know someone through Allah, this is called Sheirk. Sheirk is an Arabic word that means "to take a partner" or "to make someone your partner." Sheirk is one of the worst sins, and Allah SWT will never forgive anyone who links something or someone to Him. We got clear traditions about Shirk from our Prophet SAW, Hazrat Ali R.A., and Imam Jaffar R.A. Allah SWT said in Quran:

""It is certain that Allah does not allow anything to be together with Him. He does, however, allow what is other than that for whoever He pleases, and whoever tries to put something together with Allah is planning a very bad thing.


Sheirk is a sin that Allah SWT will not forgive. Anyone who says that someone else is the same as Allah will never be forgiven. True believers must be afraid of shirk because it is the worst sin and Allah will not accept an apology for it. In another Surah of the Holy Quran, He Almighty said:

"Whoever makes friends with Allah, Allah has forbidden him the garden, and he will live in the fire. There will be no helpers for the wrongdoers." (Surah al-Maida 5:72)

Also in the Holy Quran, it says:

"Don't introduce other people to Allah. It's clear that pantheism is a big mistake." (Surah Luqmān 31:13).

"And whoever knows something about Allah, he makes up a very big sin." (Surah an-Nisā' 4:48)

With all of these verses from the Holy Quran, it's clear that Allah will never forgive anyone who brings anything or anyone to his attention, and his last home will be the fire of Jahannam. Allah said, "You should only worship Allah and have nothing to do with me." The biggest sin may sometimes be similar to the sin of worshipping graves, tombs of saints, or the dead. Whoever shirks will be thought of as a mushrik. Sometimes people don't know what they are saying, and they shirk without realising that they are committing the worst sin. To understand what shirk means, we need to learn about the different kinds of sheirk. Sheirk are basically made up of five different kinds. Sheirk, when it comes to the Quintessence of Allah SWT, it means that everything that was, is, and will be is from Allah. He is the only one who made everything. Other than Allah, there is nothing else. People who think there are two forces, good and bad, are wrong. Other than Allah, there has been nothing else since the beginning of time. The second kind of shirk has to do with Allah's attributes. Then there's shirk in actions, shirk in obedience, and shirk in worship, which is the worst kind of all.

Sheirk has no place in Islam and is never okay. It is the biggest sin for a Muslim to compare someone or something to Allah Almighty in terms of their actions, obedience, or other qualities. If they do this, they will lose their religion. In the holy Quran, Allah said, "Then don't set up worship rivals to Allah while you escape." Prophet PBUH also told people, "Anyone who dies insisting that Allah is wrong will go to hell." In another part of the holy Quran, it says that Shirk is the worst sin any Muslim has ever committed: "It is only Satan who makes you afraid of his groups and friends. Don't be afraid of them; instead, be afraid of Me, if you are a believer." He SWT also said, "A so don't be afraid of people, but be afraid of Me." Sheirk will be the most severely punished sin because it dishonours the Greatest Lord, and whoever does this will die as a Mushrik. Allah SWT will forgive the believer who may have sinned during his life but never compared anyone to Allah or put anyone else in His place, so Allah promised to forgive him according to His will. Prophet PBUH said:

"Of all the things I worry about for my Ummah, the thing I worry about the most is silly Sheirk. Then he was asked about minor Sheirk, and he said, "It's ar-riyaa."

In another Hadith, Allah's Messenger warns us: "Anyone who dies while praying to a god other than Allah will go to Hell's Fire." He PBUH said:

"Whoever meets Allah without joining forces with Him will go to Heaven, and whoever meets Him as a single person who has joined forces with Him will go to Hell."

From the above-mentioned Hadiths, we can see that our beloved Prophet SAW warned us 1400 years ago not to associate anything with Allah, because He SAW loves His Ummah very much and He PBUH knows that the punishment for shirk is very harsh and that Allah will never forgive a mushrik. That Ummati dies as a Mushrik and goes to Hell to burn. Every true believer must be afraid of Sheirk. We must teach our children from the start what each kind of Sheirk is and what happens when it happens.

We pray to Allah Almighty to make our hearts firm in obeying His religion and Him as one GOD until we meet Him, and we seek refuge in His Power to keep us from going astray. He is the Eternal, who will never die, but the jinn and people will. And Allah knows best and is the smartest, and everyone will return to Him in the end.

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